Idol-turned actress Yeonwoo says MOMOLAND is not the past she wants to erase

Former MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo shares her thoughts on growing as an actress and also her past as an idol. 

Yeonwoo debuted as a member of MOMOLAND in 2016 and gained huge attention after the group released hit songs, such as “BBoom BBoom”, “BAAM” and “Wonderful Love”.


She later left the group in November 2019 and started her career as an actress. Starting with her special appearance in the 2018 drama “Tempted”, she has continued to improve her acting skills by starring in various works, such as “Pegasus Market”, “Touch”, “Alice”, “Cheat on Me If You Can”, “Live On”, and “Dali and Cocky Prince”. After acting in “The Golden Spoon”, Yeonwoo was rediscovered and received favorable reviews for her acting performances.

momoland yeonwoo

As an idol-turned actress, Yeonwoo recently said in her interview with Xsports News, “‘The Golden Spoon’ director told me not to erase (MOMOLAND) from my life. He told me not to dismiss it as something that didn’t happen or think about wanting to jump over it. That’s actually true. It was a valuable career that I spent in my early teens and 20. I’m proud to be on stage as an idol. That helped me to continue my acting career a bit more smoothly.”

momoland yeonwoo

Yeonwoo emphasized, “I don’t think negatively. (Being an idol) was a really important career for me because I met fans through the stage and they are still supporting me.”

Yeonwoo added that she seems to have changed her mind as an actor. She explained, “I made it simple when analyzing my characters, but in this drama, I worked hard because I wanted to approach it in a three-dimensional way. I held onto the script all day long on my days off. I can’t say that my acting has improved a lot, but I felt that I have changed my mind. I sincerely want to do well.”


When asked what kind of charm she will show in her next work, Yeonwoo said, “I haven’t decided yet, but I want to keep doing well. I play both cute and villainous characters, so I want to take on a good role and other roles too. It’s a lot of fun to do things that you can’t usually do while acting.” 

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