Will Song Joong-ki be able to save JTBC, which is drowning in sluggishness?

JTBC fell into a swamp of sluggish dramas. In the midst of this, will actor Song Joong-ki be able to save JTBC as the main character of its new drama?

JTBC’s recent drama performance has been disastrous. First, “Insider”, which ended in June, received a disastrous result. “Insider” is an action-suspense genre in which a judicial trainee who fell into the abyss during an undercover investigation struggles to win back his own fate.

Insider, Cleaning Up, The Empire

The series starred actors Kang Ha-neul and Lee Yoo-young, but the ratings were sluggish. The dark subject of gambling did not resonate with viewers. On top of that, the show was in trouble due to controversy over disparaging Buddhism and overly cruel scenes. In the end, ‘Insider’ was shunned by viewers. As a result, it struggled with 2.6% in the first episode (based on the paid platform) and 3.4% in the final episode.


The performance of “Cleaning Up,” which aired at the same time of the year, was no different. “Cleaning Up” is about an unpredictable challenge for the sisters working at the securities firms Mihwawon, who entered the stock war with insider trading information that they overheard.

The main character was Yeom Jeong-ah. She is the number one contributor to “SKY Castle,” which ended in 2019, and a high-rating guarantee. However, “Cleaning Up” did not capture the hearts of viewers. In particular, they were dissatisfied with the character “Mom” who fell into gambling in the drama.

cleaning up

“Cleaning Up,” which was organized into 16 episodes, recorded a viewer rating of 2% from the 1st to the 14th episode. In the 15th episode, it fell to the lowest viewer rating of 1.9%, and finished with a slight increase to 3% in the final episode.

“The Empire” is also currently struggling. The work, which debuted on Sep 24th, started at 2.4%. However, the work’s quality is not recognized by the viewers at all. As it is based on an affair, only its provocative scenes became hot topics online.

Song Joong-ki

Amidst such a situation, Song Joong-ki will appear as a relief pitcher through the new drama “Reborn Rich.” The drama, which will premiere on November 18th, is a fantasy drama in which a secretary who manages the owner risk of a conglomerate family returns as the youngest son of that family to live his second life.

The production team and the actors are solid. Writer Kim Tae-hee, who wrote “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and director Jung Dae-yoon, who directed “W” and “She Was Pretty,” collaborate in harmony. Actors such as Lee Sung-min, Shin Hyun-bin, and Yoon Je-moon also joined the cast. The main character, Song Joong-ki, will try to play two roles including Yoon Hyun-woo, a loyal secretary of a conglomerate family, and Jin Do-joon, the youngest son of the very same family.

The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

JTBC has high expectations for “Reborn Rich.” According to JTBC, “Reborn Rich” will be broadcast three episodes a week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The broadcast time is 10:30 p.m, which is an unusual time for a drama. If the show got spread through word of mouth and goes viral, the high viewer rating will be such a prize.

“Reborn Rich” drew a lot of attention with its cast lineup even before the official broadcast. Thanks to this, JTBC also put its life and death on the line. Attention is focusing on whether Song Joong-ki’s appearance and the drastic arrangement of three episodes a week will work.

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