Jennie’s newest update showed tiny waist that look as surreal as photoshop

BLACKPINK member Jennie showed off her perfectly slim waist in a newest update.

On June 20th, Jennie posted several photos of herself to Instagram. In the photos, the female idol was on the rooftop, holding a luxury bag. 


Jennie was also adorning a cute expression, as well as an extremely unique hate that resembled a fluffy teddy bear. She also wore a matching brown cardigan.

Most eye-catching of all though, had been Jennie’s lean body that one couldn’t help but admire. The female idol’s tiny waist was excellently highlighted with a low-waisted jeans, while her long legs also made an appearance.

Jennie’s admirable tiny waist. 
The BLACKPINK member also extruded cuteness through her expression and hat 

Jennie recently became the talk of town, as she was in discussion to appear in the HBO drama “The Idol”, which will be produced by famous Canadian singer The Weeknd

In addition, Jennie’s group BLACKPINK is also preparing for a group comeback after a long time. 

Source: mydaily

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