“Vocal Powerhouse” Idols Without Live Singing Controversy: BTOB, NMIXX & BABYMONSTER

While several idol groups are controversial due to their poor singing skills, idols with solid skills naturally receive the spotlight

First of all, BTOB has four vocalists and two rappers, however, their singing skills are so excellent that people called them “group of 6 vocalists and 6 rappers”. Appearing on Dingo Music’s “Killing Voice” on May 2nd last year, the group impressed viewers by choosing “Missing You”, a song that requires detailed vocal skills, as the opening song and maintained stable vocals until the end of the performance after singing many other hit songs such as “Remember That”, “Second Confession”, “Only one for me”, “Beautiful Pain”, etc.


All the vocal members Seo Eun-kwang, Lim Hyun-sik, Lee Chang-seob and Yook Sung-jae graduated from the Department of Practical Music, while Lee Min-hyuk, who is in charge of the rap position, was also from the Department of Musical, proving BTOB as a group without vocal holes. Especially, Lee Chang-seob appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone” in December last year and surprised everyone by revealing that he set up a music academy by himself.

NMIXX is named “the 4th generation girl group with the best skills” as their vocals have been proven through many live content videos. On February 6th, NMIXX performed the title song “DASH” and “Run For Roses” of their second mini album on “Cultwo Show” radio program and wowed viewers with their outstanding talents. 


At their press showcase in March last year, the girl group also expressed strong confidence in their vocals, saying “No.1 winner on music shows now have fancam videos. I hope we can showcase our voices better through encore stages”. In fact, NMIXX has always created hot topics on their perfect ad-libs, solid vocals, and beautiful harmonies every time they perform encore stages. 

Announcing their official debut on April 1st, BABYMONSTER began to promote as a full team with 7 members and attracted keen attention with their amazing skills despite being rookies. Showing up on Park Myung-soo’s radio show early in the morning, BABYMONSTER thrilled listeners with their outstanding high notes during the live performance of the title song “SHEESH”. After the performance, Park Myung-soo even complimented the members, saying “Every member did so well. How much did you guys practice?”.


Earlier, BABYMONSTER also appeared on “It’s Live” and presented a live performance of “SHEESH” with a band session arrangement. The members surprised netizens with their leisure expressions even when doing difficult parts. As such, the video received explosive responses and has nearly reached 5 million views. 

Source: daum

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