Why is SM able to continue the contract with Taeyeon for so long when she is such a perfect artist

Although many years have passed, Taeyeon is still the top idol in the public eye.

Referring to Kpop idols with the most successful careers, it is impossible not to mention Taeyeon.  Kim Taeyeon, having spent a long time in showbiz, has now become one of the “monuments” of the idol world that fans always love her enthusiastically.  Looking at Taeyeon’s current influence, there is no doubt that the singer Four Seasons is one of the most successful Kpop artists of all time.

Taeyeon perfect artist

Recently, on a Kpop forum, there were also posts expressing the admiration of the audience for Taeyeon.  And the owner of this post also questioned why SM Entertainment was able to nurture a talented artist like her, after all these years.

Taeyeon perfect artist

Specifically, there are countless compliments about the beauty and talent of the female singer.  Taeyeon owns the face of a visual (representative face), the top dancing ability in SNSD, along with the dance-line, she performs all the difficult choreography.  Regarding Taeyeon’s voice, she can be called one of the top vocals in Korean music.  The voice that conquers all ages, every audience is the factor that helps her succeed until today.

Taeyeon perfect artist

Besides, the post owner also gave more information about her solo career to prove that Taeyeon is indeed a female singer who has never failed.  The female singer even passed 10,000 contestants at the audition.  In general, to talk about Taeyeon’s career, Taeyeon must have never “flop” in the music path.

Below this post, netizens left a lot of comments praising Taeyeon, and agreeing with the opinion of “OP”:

– You may look like Taeyeon but not in personality.  When performing, she always makes an impression and when she was a trainee she always ranked No. 1, not everyone can do the same.

 – That’s why many juniors choose Taeyeon as their idol.

– Yes, I’m a fan who has been in love with that voice for over 12 years!

 – I love Taeyeon’s performances, I really want to go to her concert!

 – I watched U R’s performance over and over, how could Taeyeon sing so well this song?

As can be seen, netizens give a lot of praise to SM Entertainment’s female singer. The audience thinks that the female idol’s charisma after more than 13 years of career is her personality and vocals.  Objectively speaking, in Kpop there are a lot of all-rounded idols, from old to new generation, but Taeyeon is one of the few artists evaluated as an example for fans and juniors

Taeyeon perfect artist
Taeyeon perfect artist

She quietly stepped through all criticisms, all hurt, but never once let the audience see her own weakness.  All emotional feelings were sent by the female singer through her rich voice.  Therefore, the voice is the second factor that has made the audience love Taeyeon for many generations.

A musician once remarked that Taeyeon’s voice “is like that of a woman who has been divorced 7 times”.  The female singer does not choose a sophisticated, forced way to create a unique and impressive voice color.  Her emotions and talents have conquered the audience, and that’s why Taeyeon always succeeds.  Taeyeon’s voice is also more and more experienced each year

Taeyeon perfect artist

In general, for a long time in her career, it’s time for Taeyeon to receive the audience’s support as a true artist step up from the title “idol”.  With her talent, artistic character, and influence, the female singer deserves to be recognized as a real artist.

Sources: kenh14

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