Son Heung-min, IU, Park Eun-bin, and Lim Young-woong all beat out, the August brand reputation ‘No. 1’ star is…

The ranking of ‘Star Brand Reputation in August 2022’ was released.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute recently announced the ‘August 2022 Star Brand Reputation’ rankings. The ranking is the result of analyzing the star brand big data measured from the 31st of last month to the 31st of this month.


According to the announcement, the star that took first place, beating singer Lim Young-woong and actress Park Eun-bin was the group BLACKPINK. After taking first place in the previously announced ‘August 2022 Singer Brand Reputation’ ranking, BLACKPINK achieved a splendid achievement by taking first place in the star brand reputation ranking.

On the 19th, Blackpink released the pre-release song ‘Pink Venom’ of their 2nd full album and started their activities. The group attended ‘2022 MTV VMAs’ held in the US on the 28th (local time) and won the Best Metaverse Performance award.

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Top 30 of the ‘August 2022 Star Brand Reputation Ranking’ is as follows: 

  1. BlackPink
  2. Park Eun-bin
  3. Lim Young-woong
  4. BTS
  5. Son Heung-min
  6. IU 
  7. Psy
  8. Twice
  9. Kang Daniel
  10. Girls’ Generation
  11. Lee Jung-jae
  12. IVE
  13. Yoo Jae-suk
  14. Jung Woo-sung
  15. Kim Yuna
  16. Seventeen 
  17. Lee Chan-won 
  18. Kang Tae-oh 
  19. Red Velvet
  20. NCT
  21. Taeyeon
  22. NewJeans
  23. Super Junior
  24. Young-tak
  25. Oh My Girl
  26. (G)I-DLE
  27. Lee Byung-Hun
  28. Son Ye-Jin
  29. Kim Jong-Min
  30. Baek Jong -Won.

Source: wikitree

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