“Breakup with Karina” Lee Jae-wook “I try to speak carefully, one mistake can lead to an uncontrollable situation”

Actor Lee Jae-wook, who is currently meeting viewers worldwide through Disney+'s "The Impossible Heir", exuded boyish charm through a pictorial

On April 19th, lifestyle magazine Singles released a pictorial featuring actor Lee Jae-wook’s strong yet soft charm. In the concept of “redefining masculinity”, Lee Jae-wook captivated attention with his unique visuals.

In an interview conducted alongside the photoshoot, when asked about his thoughts on the conclusion of “The Impossible Heir”, Lee Jae-wook said, “I tend to separate the character and everyday life when filming. Of course, when portraying a character who uses a lot of emotions, it can be tough even after the camera stops rolling, but I try not to hold onto the character’s emotions. ‘Tae-oh’ is someone who is internally intense but externally restrains his emotions as much as possible. I’m trying to let go of that habit.

He expressed his passion for acting, “I still get nervous and anxious when I go to the set. I constantly worry about whether I’ve captured the character as the director envisioned and whether I’ve synced well.

Regarding his reputation as an actor who looks good in suits, he humbly stated, “I’m mature for my age. I try to speak carefully in daily life. People around me often say that I’m mature.”

He then shared, “I did a lot of part-time jobs before becoming an actor. At that time, I felt that I needed to speak carefully. If I made a mistake, it would lead to an uncontrollable situation.” He added, “Now that more people recognize me, I naturally speak more cautiously.”

Lee Jae-wook, who showcased his talent in Disney+’s original series “The Impossible Heir”, was embroiled in dating rumors with aespa’s Karina in February. The two, who officially acknowledged their relationship through their respective agencies, announced their breakup after 5 weeks of public dating.

Lee Jae-wook’s full pictorial and interview can be found in the May issue of Singles.

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