Why is it hard to verify the personality controversy of non-celebrities?

From the “Heart Signal” series to “Street Woman Fighter”, controversies over the personality of the participants keep on rising. Therefore, the need for an in-depth verification has emerged.

While “Street Woman Fighter” has exploded in popularity, issues related to the personality of non-celebrity performers have been steadily raised. In the trend of entertainment format, from survival to dating shows, there is a need to verify non-celeb casts’ personalities. Regardless of age or gender, cast members who have revealed their past flaws are announcing their departure with an apology in order.

The need for verification of problematic participants who cause the controversies

Some scandals were caused by the bad personalities of participants in Channel A’s “Heart Signal” series, a dating show of non-celebrity people, and TV Chosun’s survival program “Miss Trot 2”. In addition, Kwang-hee even dropped out of the MBC program “Omniscient Interfering View” after Kwang-hee’s manager was accused of school violence.

Dancer Rozalin, who is competing in Mnet’s currently popular show “Street Woman Fighter”, has also been under fire for various accusations. On the 29th of last month, an online community’s post claimed that Rozalin received money from B, a practical dance student, and did not refund properly. As the controversy became more serious, additional revelations appeared one after another.

street woman fighter
Street Woman Fighter Rozalin

In the end, Rozalin posted on her SNS saying she already met the victim and gave a full refund, “I sincerely apologize to the student and parents who were hurt by my immature and rash words.” Despite her apology, this issue must have given a negative image to the popular show “Street Woman Fighter.

There were various responses to the personality controversies. Some decided to take legal action, while many others acknowledged the fact and announced their departure from the program.

Hard to verify 100%. The production team can only sigh.

Obviously, the production team cannot block all controversies in advance. Usually, the production team starts verification internally by a guide or participant verification process from the casting stage. After that, the personality of the participant is judged by interviews with the participant and their acquaintance and SNS monitoring. However, it is also true that the verification is not easy because it is difficult for the production crew to grasp all the past of the cast.

Producer Park Sun-hye of “Dol Singles” said regarding the participants’ controversy prevention verification system, “This is a part of a lot of consideration. There is no countermeasure. In fact, it is not possible to request much evidence. We have to take trust in each other. Like other non-celebrity programs, there is a written agreement stating that they have no individual criminal history or scandalous incident. Because that alone doesn’t work, we have to trust each other and keep checking. We are casting based on trust in the absence of a past history CV,” he said.

According to this, even if controversy arises in the future, the production team cannot demand compensation from the non-celebrity concerned. They can only say they will take measures if there is anything different from the facts in the written agreement or verbal pre-program verification regarding the participant’s history including school violence and crimes, which have been frequently controversial recently, but it cannot be enforced. The written agreement with the production crew is just the last line of defense when controversy arises.

Another audition program official said about the verification process, “We are conducting in-depth interviews through several stages. We talk about various things in the interview and check how passionate they are about this program and the debut opportunities. We think this is the most important thing”.

As such, only meticulous verification by the production team can prevent controversy and prevent damage the program’s reputation. The stained past will never stay hidden. Especially now that the online community is active, hiding one’s past is as difficult as plucking the stars from the sky. The controversy over the participant’s personality and past behavior is a major blow not only to the person but also to the program. The fact that the production team failed to properly verify the cast leads to a decrease in credibility.

Therefore, from the perspective of the production crew who direct and plan the programs, the best way is to prevent controversy in advance. It is time for a multilateral verification method that needs more than just the communication between the production team and the participants.

Source: Daeum

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