“Street Woman Fighter” Emma is getting sued for violating an exclusive contract

WANT Emma, who is competing in “Street Woman Fighter”, is accused of violating her exclusive contract.

On October 5th, Dread Alliance released a statement, “We are preparing to file a lawsuit against Emma (Song Hyemin) for causing damages. While preparing to debut as a girl group member under our company, she unilaterally canceled her exclusive contract and left the group.”

Emma is a member of WANT crew led by Choi Hyojin and is gaining popularity for her outstanding dance skills and cute visual after appearing on “Street Woman Fighter

Regarding Emma’s participation in “Street Woman Fighter”, Dread Alliance pointed out, “We confirmed that Emma has violated various rules of her contract, including bilateral contract (not a three-way contract), proceeding undiscussed backup dancer activities and activities with other agencies and causing damages for our upcoming girl group.”

In addition, the company revealed the reason why they decided to take legal action against Emma, “Emma frequently caused problems, but we had tried to solve them smoothly for the sake of the group’s teamwork. However, she violated various rules of her exclusive contract and did not comply with our request for correction. Moreover, she subjectively notified her termination of the contract, affecting our project and causing damages to the members who are preparing for the group’s debut.”

Lastly, they stated, “We believe no further conversation with Emma is possible. We will promptly demand the fulfillment of the exclusive contract obligations and proceed with a firm legal procedure for situations in which such legitimate demands and efforts are ignored.”

Source: Nate

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