APINK’s Chorong goes viral for her sweet gesture on stage + Her similar personality to Red Velvet’s Irene 

Do you notice what Chorong and Irene have in common? 

On February 14, APINK officially made a comeback with their 10th debut anniversary album HORN and the title track DILEMMA. This return of APINK is especially meaningful to the members and fans as it is the group’s first comeback after more than 600 days. 

APINK released the album HORN on February 14th
APINK released the album HORN on February 14th
Apink – Dilemma MV

Although APINK cannot promote with the complete lineup because Son Naeun had a personal schedule conflict with YG, the remaining 5 members still deliver excellent performances. After 4 days of release, the album HORN has sold more than 44,000 copies, becoming the first album of APINK to reach the milestone of 40,000 copies within the first week. The MV for DILEMMA has also gained more than 13 million views on YouTube.

On February 17, APINK performed 3 songs “DILEMMA“, “Red Carpet“, and “Nothing” on Mnet’s M! Countdown, giving fans a feast for both the eyes and ears with amazing stages, proving their power as an 11-year-old girl group. 

Naeun can't promote with APINK due to schedule conflict
Naeun can’t promote with APINK due to schedule conflict
Apink – Red Carpet + Nothing (M!Countdown on February 17, 2022)

Notably, thanks to this M!Countdown performance, APINK’s leader Chorong went viral on SNS as a sweet gesture of her towards a backup dancer was captured on camera.

Specifically, in a part of the choreography where a dancer kneeled on the ground and had her leg stepped on, Chorong was seen wiping her shoe stains on the dancer’s leg after doing the dance. Chorong‘s polite and kind gesture has received many compliments from fans and netizens. Fans say that Chorong‘s sweet personality is something no one can doubt. Last year, Chorong got embroiled in school bullying rumors, which later turned out to be false information. Chorong filed a lawsuit, and her former friend was also prosecuted by the police for blackmail.

APINK Chorong’s viral clip

Netizens commented:

  • Don’t ask why APINK always trusted Chorong and decided to go together until the 11th year. Because they have such a nice and wonderful leader.
  • Chorong’s school violence scandal last year was silly. I’m not a fan, but I think she’s kind, knows how to lead the group, and is also thoughtful.
  • She has a 10-year career without a single personality scandal, but in the 10th year, she suddenly got into a scandal, causing APINK to postpone their comeback. Chorong deserves to be loved.
Netizens praise Chorong's personality
Netizens praise Chorong’s personality

Some netizens used this clip to prove that Chorong‘s previous school violence controversy was unfounded, in addition to applauding her kindness. Chorong’s polite and outstanding nature shines through in her care for members, staff, and even dancers.

In addition, the female idol is also famous for her image of “cold outside, warm inside”, similar to another famous leader of Kpop, Irene (Red Velvet). Netizens commented that Chorong and Irene have many similarities in personality and that the viral clip especially reminds them of Irene.

  • Unrelated but this clip reminds me of Irene (Red Velvet). Both have the same type of cold outside but brutally warm inside.
  • I wanted Chorong and Irene to get close because they have so many similarities.
Irene is said to have the same personality type as Chorong
Irene is said to have the same personality type as Chorong
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