Kim Seon-ho confirmed to drop out of “2 Days & 1 Night”, the cast members have already been notified

Actor Kim Seon-ho will withdraw from “2 Days & 1 Night”

According to a report by SPOTV News on October 20th, Kim Seon-ho decided to drop out of KBS2’s entertainment program “2 Days & 1 Night”. The production team held a meeting to confirm Kim Seon-ho’s departure from the show on the morning of the same day. It is said that the actor expressed his intention to leave the program.

kim seon ho

Other cast members, including Yeon Jung-hoon, Moon Se-yoon, Din Din, Kim Jong-min and Ravi, have already been notified about Kim Seon-ho’s departure. The members said several times on the show, “Let’s not make any accident and do ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ together for a long time”. Therefore, it is known that they were really disappointed by Kim Seon-ho’s sudden scandal.

Kim Seon-ho was recently involved in a controversy related to his private life. His ex-girlfriend A posted online community claiming that she had been dating Kim Seon-ho since last year and was forced to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage by the actor.

kim seon ho

3 days after remaining silent, Kim Seon-ho admitted to being the rumored actor mentioned in A’s revelation. He said, “I met her with good feelings. In the process, I hurt her with my careless and inconsiderate actions”. He also admitted his faults and delivered an apology, “I wanted to meet her in person and apologize to her first. I still haven’t delivered a proper apology because I’m waiting for the right time. Before that, I want to apologize to her through this message sincerely.”

In addition, he also apologized to fans, “I’m sorry for disappointing everyone who believes and supports me until the end. Thanks to people who have always supported me, I was able to stand here as actor Kim Seon-ho, but I forgot about that. I’m sorry for causing trouble to people who have worked with me because of my lacking self.”

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