Who started the “ending fairy” trend and where is she now? 

Chaeyeon is focusing on other fields other than music after her two idol groups disbanded. 

In recent years, broadcasting stations have been favoring “ending fairy” as the final moment of an idol or group’s performances. These ending shots are filled with either beauty or laughter. 

Irene’s breathing-taking ending fairy 
Sullyoon’s attention-grabbing ending fairy in her debut 
Tiffany’s legendary ending 
TWICE’s ending shot
BTOB’s humorous ending fairies

The “birth mother” of the trend is a former DIA member, Jung Chaeyeon. As a participant of the first season of Produce, Chaeyeon was recorded for the final moment of the stage. At that point, she did what she did best and unknowingly started the “ending fairy” trend. At the time Chaeyeon became a sensation, her only reason was that she looked the best when she smiled and just did that when the camera zoomed in on her. 

Jung Chaeyeon
The legendary Chaeyon’s gif 

Several comments on theqoo: 

  • Both the endingment of Jung Chaeyeon and Irene are popular, hence the performances later all end with zooming in and we got ending fairies. 
  • It’s true but I hope it can return to full-group endings.
  • Jung Chaeyeong started and Irene popularized it with Russian Roulette. 

On Chaeyeon’s journey with Produce, she landed on 7th place and debuted with  I.O.I. However, due to schedule conflicts, Chaeyeon could not join all activities with I.O.I. After DIA disbanded, Chaeyeon turned to acting, hosting and modeling over singing. 

Source: K14

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