Wheein, “I Can Lend Hwasa All The Money She Wants As Long As I Have”

MAMAMOO’s Wheein boasted her 15-year friendship with Hwasa.

On the latest broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time,” which aired on October 17th, Wheein, who recently released her first full album “IN the Mood,” appeared as a guest.

In the broadcast, Wheein mentioned that the album’s track “17” was featured by Hwasa. Hwasa and Wheein have been friends for 15 years, since their middle school days. Wheein said, “It felt really new. Anyway, since this album is meaningful to me, I want someone who is meaningful to me to do it with me. I felt very different because it was Hwasa. I was so grateful. I wanted the two of us to do more wonderful things in the future.”

Wheein hwasa

In the meantime, when asked by a listener, “How much can you lend to Hwasa?” Wheein said, “I can lend her all the amount she wants to borrow.” “If I have that amount,” the singer replied, proving their friendship.

Meanwhile, in response to fans’ interest in Mamamoo’s album as a whole, Whee In said, “We continued to do group activities until last year. “We can go on a tour and if we want to, we can unite at any time, so please wait a little bit.”

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