What is the reason that JYP is “invincible” on the segment of the girl group production?

There is a reason that people always look forward to JYP girl group so much!

Starting from 2nd generation, 3rd generation and coming to 4th generation, from Wonder Girls, miss A to TWICE then ITZY, JYP has not failed at any debut girl group, all have the ability to reach the top. Despite having to fight “SM’s flower garden” and “YG’s treasure” together with a number of other potential girl groups, every time JYP girl groups appear, they become the focus of the media and the topic of public interest. So what is the “secret” of chairman Park Jin Young when creating the top girl groups in this Kpop?

Strict selection criteria

In JYP, perhaps the most important factor is the female trainee’s appearance that must match the group’s conceptual orientation. In fact, it has been shown that JYP is very fond of trainees with bright, radiant looks and especially close to the public like Sohee, Suzy, Nayeon, Dahyun, Tzuyu or Yuna …

Yuna is JYP’s favorite appearance

That is why many idols such as IU, Hani, Chungha, Hyorin or Soyou do not pass JYP audition even though their extraordinary talent can be attributed to the concept that JYP is looking for.

IU used to participate in JYP audition but was turned down despite having very good voice
Video of Hani attending the audition at JYP

For a talented idol, visual is a must have so JYP always puts the appropriate element first to make sure the selected trainees have the potential to meet the image, concept or music that JYP oriented for its girl groups.

Always put public tastes first

If other big guys are tending to experiment with different types of music to create diversity in music despite high risk, JYP still chooses a safe solution for his artists. Because creating music that “capture the public” is what makes the group succeed in the fastest way. You can check out a series of JYP-specific songs like “Nobody” – Wonder Girls “Bad Girl, Good Girl” – miss A, “Cheer up“; “Likey”; “Yes or Yes” – TWICE …

However, if you take a closer look, recently, JYP has also experimented with the more obscene type of music listeners like “Signal” of TWICE or most recently “DALLA DALLA” of ITZY but we can also see that both are still in JYP’s safety zone because both of these songs retain the element of catchiness as the title of the song, making the song’s melody “stuck” in the head of listeners. That is the reason why “Signal” of TWICE achieved Daesang “Song of the Year” at the 2017 MAMA and ITZY’s “DALLA DALLA” is perceived to be more and more famous, brought them to the top 5 girls with trophies on the music show after only 9 days.

Possessing the beautiful female trainees
Possessing the beautiful female trainees

One of the most important reasons why the public has always had a huge expectation in JYP’s girl groups must be the “goddess” trainee set. When the new TWICE was released, the looks of the 9 girls even confused the fans themselves because they didn’t know who was the visual of the group. Until recently, the youngest ITZY, has just debuted less than a week but she has appeared on online community pages because of her beauty

and ITZY both possess beautiful visuals
Not to mention, currently JYP has many other outstanding faces not yet released such as: Marshiro, Shin Eunsoo or Yejin …

Marshiro and Yejin
Shin Eunso

It is certain that JYP’s next female group is equally outstanding, although it may take a long time for JYP to have a new female group because ITZY has just debuted.

Sources: k14

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