There is only one girl who can make Jungkook (BTS) pay close attention to!

Not TWICE or Red Velvet, the one who makes Jungkook turn around to look at is the ‘digital queen’ IU.

BTS had attended 2018 Asia Artist Awards, along with a host of idol groups from Korea. Although BTS is busy this year, the boys still try to attend the year-end awards ceremony so fans can see the group. Although it ended in controversy, it cannot be denied that this event has recorded many beautiful and memorable moments of the artists.

In AAA 2018, a moment of BTS’ youngest member,Jungkook, has become a hot topic in K-POP fan community. As the “digital queen” IU was giving speech while receiving the award, Jungkook had turned around to watch the female singer closely on the big screen in the back.

It is known that Jungkook has been known as IU’s fanboy for many years. Perhaps the action of the guy toward IU is also different from the other female idols.

Jungkook watched closely as IU was speaking on the screen

Prior to that, there was a controversy thatJungkook had ignored Red Velvet’s “Power Up” performance at KoreanArts and Culture Awards. During the time when Red Velvet performed and left thestage, Jungkook looked at the documents and did not raise his head once.Similarly, he is also quite indifferent to TWICE’s “Yes Or Yes” stageat GMA 2018. 

Last year, the momentJungkook closely watched IU’s speech at MMA 2017 also made netizens excited.

Source: tinnhac

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