What everyone expected a long time ago… Park Eun-bin’s two “characteristics” that were praised by industry insiders

Lee Jin-ho revealed the beautiful story of actress Park Eun-bin, who is praised for her role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

On July 12th, Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “You thought Park Eun-bin would explode with Extraordinary Attorney Woo? The reason why industry insiders predicted Park Eun-bin‘s success early on” through his YouTube channel.

Lee Jin-ho revealed Park Eun-bin’s beautiful story told by insiders, saying that the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” sensation was never a coincidence. He said, “Reporters praised her a lot. The reason is that Park Eun-bin is basically very polite and she’s such a great talker that they have little to thin out.”

Park Eun Bin

He explained, “In particular, many people said she’s an actress who tries to give the best answer to every question.” He said, “Park Eun-bin is known to have a strong mindset that reporters came all the way to interview her so they should get something”, adding “I heard Park Eun-bin often brought her character notes and tried to give different answers to reporters from each team”, drawing attention.

Park Eun Bin

He continued, “Park Eun-bin has two characteristics. She’s very smart and she also has a meticulous side”, adding, “A reporter said ‘Many of her fellow actors also praise her kindness and nice personality’, and officials who worked with her also gave a thumbs up, calling her an ‘outstanding actress’”.

Park Eun Bin

In particular, one official shared, “One day, I said I wanted to have a sheep doll from the drama ‘Stove League’. I just said without thinking and even forgot about it. But Park Eun-bin remembered my words and gave me that doll, which was really hard to get, as a gift. She’s a friend who is that attentive and considerate”, revealing Park Eun-bin’s warm side.

Source: Wikitree

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