‘We Got Married’ continues to be remade with SM male idols!

Netizens speculate that ‘We’ve Become Family’ is a “different version” of ‘We Got Married’.

At the beginning of August, MBC once revealed a plan to remake a new version of the hit show ‘We Got Married’. The information about the expected guest group NCT was also leaked out to the public, which caused a fierce controversy from the group’s fandom.

we have become family
Leaked information stated NCT and SM artists as the show’s cast members

In the face of a fierce wave from fans, the crew’s representative immediately confirmed that they would cancel the production of the new version of ‘We Got Married’. The people have not cooled down yet, but MBC has continued to tease the ‘We’ve Become Family’ project to the public.’

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‘We’ve Become Family’ is a fantasy family-building program between K-pop stars. They will become 3 different families, in addition to experiencing a happy life together, through which the idols will use sponsored products to promote Korean culture.

The cast of the show have been revealed, including Ye Sung (Super Junior), Lee Dae Hwi (AB6IX), Kang Hye Won (IZ* ONE‘s former member), Im Na Young (I.O.I‘s former member), Eun Kwang (BTOB), Yu Bin (Wonder Girls‘s former member), Son Ho Young (G.O.D), Hyun Jae (The Boyz) and Yang Yang, Hendery, Xiaojun (WayV). Although no one from NCT will join the show, it could easily be noticed that there are up to 4 idols from SM. The show is scheduled to be aired at the end of this year; however, it has recently received positive responses and high expectations from the audience.

Korean netizens commented:

– This show would be better than the old version. Many couples had lovely chemistry on the show but then ignored each other after the show ended.

– They have to live together for a long time so maybe some real-life couple will be born after this show.

– I’m looking forward to these kinds of shows. KPOP fans and especially fans of the 3rd and 4th generation idols should change their way of thinking. We were excited to see idols interacting with each other, but idols’ chemistries nowadays look really awkward.

– Just by looking at the cast, I think the show would be really interesting.

– My ‘ships’ in We Got Married sank; maybe I will find out my new favorites ones in We’ve Become Family 

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