Lee Kwang-soo appears on Running Man for the last time

Actor Lee Kwang-soo will participate in the last recording of Running Man today (May 24). 

Lee Kwang-soo’s agency King Kong by Starship announced on the 27th of last month that “Actress Lee Kwang-soo will finally get off at SBS entertainment program Running Man on May 24th.”

The agency said, “Lee Kwang-soo was constantly undergoing rehabilitation treatment due to injuries caused by accidents last year, but there were areas where it was difficult to maintain the best condition during filming.”  “We decided to take the time to reorganize it.”

As a result, Lee Kwang-soo will be the last to finish recording at ‘Running Man’ on this particular day. He is a first-year member of the cast of ‘Running Man,’ which premiered in July 2010. He earned the nicknames ‘Giraffe’ and ‘Asian Prince’ for his compatibility with the other members. They had a fantastic sense of entertainment. However, due to the impact of a car accident in February of last year, he left the program after nearly 11 years. 

running man team comments on lee kwang soos departure 183803

As Lee Gwang-soo departs from the Running Man, which he has been with for a long time, all eyes are on how he will express his feelings duribg the final recording.

Source: Nate

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