Hwang Jung-eum’s Weird SNS Post About Her Husband Sparks Fans’ Concern

Hwang Jung-eum has made an unusual post about her husband, professional golfer-turned-businessman Lee Young-don.

Hwang Jung-eum released several photos of her husband on her social media account on February 21st. This is the first time that Hwang Jung-eum posted photos of her husband on her personal SNS account.

hwang jung eum
Lee Young-don

The photos were posted along with the caption, “My brother is so cute when he was little like Crayon Shin-chan. I am on a trip down memory lane,” and “When he was sick while being infected with type-A infection.” The photos in question drew attention as Hwang Jung-eum appeared to have taken pictures of another person’s cell phone with her cell phone.

Hwang Jung-eum also made comments with seemingly hidden meanings. When a person who seems to be an acquaintance of her husband Lee Young-don commented, “I can’t contact Young-don,” she replied, “It’s understandable,” and “I’m going to gibberish because I have a lot on me now.”

In addition, the comments said, “Turned out he looks like this”, said, “He looks so ordinary that you can’t remember his face even if you look at it at a glance. If you remember it, he just looks like 400 people you have met.” Under the comment, “Yeong-don oppa, you seem to be very busy,” Hwang added a comment, “He has been very busy since you got married.”

hwang jung eum

Some fans are worried that Hwang may have had been hacked. However, her best friends posted comments such as “LOL.”

Hwang Jung-eum and her husband were once on the verge of divorce. Married in 2016, they had their first son in 2017, but the news of their sudden marriage dismissal in 2020 shocked the public. The two withdrew their divorce agreement in July 2021 and reunited, and Hwang Jung-eum also returned to acting through SBS’ “The Escape of the Seven.” Hwang recently boasted her affection for her husband on the show “My Little Old Boy.”

Source: SpoTV News

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