The Styling Of NMIXX’s Sullyoon Is Getting Worse, Said Netizens

Some people are saying that NMIXX Sullyoon’s outfits and makeup during her debut days are much better than now

A netizen on the online community Nate Pann recently raised a topic about NMIXX’s Sullyoon outfits and makeup, arousing keen attention.

In particular, they said, “Their stylings during debut days were much prettier. They looked like princesses back then. Everyone on Instagram and in online communities was praising Sullyoon’s beauty”.

The Styling Of NMIXX’s Sullyoon
The Styling Of NMIXX’s Sullyoon
The Styling Of NMIXX’s Sullyoon

The netizen continued, “During DICE era, they made a person with a warm tone like her wear unmatching cool-tone makeup and clothes. I went speechless when seeing the outfits for ‘Love Me Like This’. They keep making her, who doesn’t look good in low-rise pants, wear them. The stylists didn’t consider her body shape at all”, adding “‘Party O’Clock’ outfits seemed pretty from afar but they looked weird from a closer distance. The stylings worsened in ‘Dash’ and ‘Sonar’ promotions.”

Lastly, they said, “I wondered how they could do that to such a pretty girl like Sullyoon. Her bare face is already pretty, so bring back the stylings during her debut days, please”.

In response to this post, other netizens commented:

– I think the brown hair color for “O.O” era suits her the best

– That company has been so famous for making their idols wear strange clothes since a long time ago. Their male and female idols wore many outfits that made people wonder where they got them… It has been like that since Wonder Girls days…

– She’s really pretty… but her bangs during “Sonar” era are not acceptable

– I think idols with glamorous faces should avoid colorful and bold makeup… NMIXX’s Sullyoon, IVE’s Liz… Their faces already stand out, but they apply more colorful makeup…

– I agree with you. I know NMIXX members are pretty but their stylings during debut days were the best

– It’s because the members don’t have the faces and bodies that can make them become big stars. Why are you guys always blaming the company and the cordi?

Source: Nate Pann

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