Wanna One’s Kim Jae-hwan Accidentally Said Something After Fancall But Wasn’t Criticized Like ZB1’s Kim Ji-woong

A conversation that Kim Jae-hwan accidentally made after a fancall was leaked by a fan.

Recently, Wanna One member-turned-solo singer Kim Jae-hwan held a fancall event where he communicated with his fans via video calls. During this event, while he was waiting for the next fancall, Kim’s screen turned black so he thought it was off. The singer accidentally made a conversation with a staff while completely unaware that his mic was still on.

This conversation was recorded and leaked on social media by fans. The conversation is as follows:

Jae-hwan: “Why did the fancall time pass so quickly? Was it because I was so excited? It was so short”

Jae-hwan: “Each person gets 30 seconds, right? Just 1 minute and 30 seconds? Too short”

Staff: “It’s short, right?

Jae-hwan: “Yes, it’s short. It should have been 30 minutes per person.”

It quickly became a hot topic in Korea. Many Korean netizens who have heard the recording complimented Kim on his warmth and cuteness.

Kim’s situation is completely different from ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji-woong’s. Kim Ji-woong was recently criticized for cursing “Ssibal (F*ck) finishing a video call with a fan. The recording this fan leaked became viral and many were disappointed with his attitude towards his own fans. His agency later denied the fan’s accusation.

Source: theqoo

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