Netizens Pool Money to Hire Company to Analyze ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s Voice in Controversial Video

Some netizens have taken matters into their own hands, paying a company specialized in voice analysis to scrutinize ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong

Company A, chosen initially for the task to analyze Kim Jiwoong’s voice in the controversial video posted by a fan to accuse him of saying a curse word, opted to remain anonymous, thus abruptly ceased communication. Undeterred, this group of netizens swiftly hired another company.

Following this setback, the group received preliminary findings from Company B, prompting deliberations on whether to ask for additional analysis from Companies C and D.

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The revelations from Company B’s analysis have stirred intrigue. Contrary to previous assertions by ZEROBASEONE’s company WAKEONE, it appears that the swear word stemmed directly from the video call screen, implicating Kim Jiwoong himself rather than an external party as previously suggested by the company.

Once the comprehensive analysis is received, detailed insights will be posted on X, ensuring transparency.

Previously, Kim Jiwoong came under fire when a fan accused him of swearing during an online fansigning event. The fan posted a video with his alleged voice as proof. However, his company denied the accusation.

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