ZB1’s Kim Ji-woong Directly Denies Cursing Allegations Via Bubble Messages

ZB1 member Kim Ji-woong expressed his feelings regarding the ongoing controversy over swearing at fans

On February 18th, Kim Ji-woong spent time communicating with fans through the fan private message platform DearU Bubble. This is his first communication with fans after the cursing scandal broke out.

Replying to fans’ comforting and supportive messages, Kim Ji-woong said, “I’m okay. I’m receiving so much love so this time is not tough at all”, adding “I’m sorry for worrying you guys. Don’t worry.. Let’s just focus on us and be happy everyone”.

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji-woong

Earlier at the beginning of this month, Kim Ji-woong faced a backlash when a fan, A, accused him of swearing at her during a fancall event. A released a part of her fancall with Kim Ji-woong on social media and claimed that he swore at her at the end of the call.

In response to the allegation, Kim Ji-woong’s agency Wake One stated, “After checking with the staff and the interpreter at the scene of the fancall, we confirmed that the accusation is not true”. However, A read the article about the testimonies of the on-site staff and wrote another post, saying “How can you make such an official statement only based on the staff’s memories when I have clear video evidence?”. As a result, many fans began to raise their voices demanding Kim Ji-woong’s withdrawal from the group through a protest truck project.

On February 17th, Wake One cited the result of voice analysis, emphasizing that the part “thank you” and the curse word were said by different speakers due to the differences in pitches and tones. Despite the agency’s official stance, A continued to complain about unfairness and requested Wake One to release the CCTV footage at the place where the fancall event took place. 

Regarding his controversy, Kim Ji-woong denied it by sending a message, saying “Thank you. I’ve lived an honorable life”, adding “I’ll solve everything. I didn’t do it, so you guys don’t need to worry”.

Source: Naver

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