Zero Base One’s Kim Jiwoong Shares Emotions After Dispelling Cursing Allegations

Kim Jiwoong, a member of the group Zero Base One, expressed his feelings of relief after dispelling allegations of cursing

On the 17th, Kim Jiwoong wrote on a fan community, “My heart has been heavy all this time,” and “I feel sorry for causing worry to Zeroes (the fandom name of Zero Base One) who have always supported me without any conditions and believed in me.” He continued, “I couldn’t help but feel uneasy, thinking that Zeroes might have also been sad and had difficult days along with me,” and “It might feel like it’s been too long, but I’m grateful that I can say this now.”

He added, “As always, I will continue to make efforts to make Zeroes smile and be happy. Thank you and I love you.”

kim jiwoong

Previously, online communities and social media platforms revealed a video of Zero Base One member Kim Jiwoong conducting a video fan signing event with a fan. In the video, Kim Jiwoong concluded the fan signing event, and just before the screen went blank, he allegedly uttered a curse word, causing a significant uproar.

At the time, the agency Wake One stated, “To ensure accurate and objective confirmation, we will employ various methods such as digital media forensics to clearly identify the facts and protect the artist.” On this day, they announced, “After analyzing the voice in the video, it was determined that the pronunciation of ‘thank you’ and the curse word differed in pitch and height, indicating that they were spoken by different speakers and the curse word was not spoken by Kim Jiwoong.

Meanwhile, Zero Base One achieved consecutive ‘double million-seller’ status with their debut album ‘YOUTH IN THE SHADE,’ released in July last year, and their second mini-album ‘MELTING POINT,’ released in November.

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