The touching secret behind the choreography of ‘BTS’ new song

A meaningful message has been revealed in the choreography of BTS’ new song ‘Permission to Dance’.

BTS’s much-anticipated summer song has finally been officially released.  Accordingly, at 1 pm on July 9 (KST), the group released the single CD version of ‘Butter’ along with a brand new MV titled ‘Permission to Dance’ – a song co-written by Ed Sheeran.

‘Permission to Dance’ is a dance-pop song with a lively, cheerful atmosphere and the harmony of relaxing piano preludes as well as the addictive sound of string instruments.  When listening to this song, anyone can subconsciously shrug their shoulders and stomp their feet.  BTS encouraged everyone with the message clearly emphasized in the song: ‘We don’t need permission to dance’. The group has chanted that meaningful slogan throughout the song. 

The highlight choreography of ‘Permission to Dance’ actually used International Sign Language (ISL).  The hand signs that the group performed include the three words ‘joy‘, ‘dance‘ and ‘peace‘.  The ‘joy’ movement is when the two hands gesture like rubbing on the body.  The ‘dance’ movement is when the two fingers of this hand move over the palm facing up.  Meanwhile, the very familiar V movement that we often see is the sign language of the word ‘peace’.

Fans who know the special meaning of the pẻomance are all deeply touched. One netizen expressed admiration and affection, saying, “Putting sign language into the choreography, BTS unifies the world.” Another netizen also said, “I feel healed just by watching the music video.”

Source: Dispatch

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