Uhm Jung-hwa’s Concert Boasts All-Star Guest Lineup, From Song Hye-kyo To Kim Hye-soo & Bang Si-hyuk

The list of guests coming to Uhm Jung-hwa’s solo concert after 24 years draws attention

On December 9th, Uhm Jung-hwa held her solo concert “Invitation” at Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium. In particular, what captured netizens’ interest is the list of celebrities who visited the concert on the first day to show support for Uhm Jung-hwa.

HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk personally came to the concert with a coffee truck. Expressing her gratitude, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “Si-hyuk! Mr. Si-hyuk! Thank you for coming. I cannot call you comfortably now. I’m really proud of you. You’re so cool. I feel so strong because you came to the concert and I was so happy to be able to sing ‘Come To Me’~ Thank you for the coffee truck. You’re the best!”.

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Apart from Bang Si-hyuk, Uhm Jung-hwa’s celebrity friends, such as actresses Song Hye-kyo, So Yoo-jin, Kim Hye-soo, Chun Woo-hee, etc., also appeared at the concert venue. During her performance, Uhm Jung-hwa even thanked Song Hye-kyo, who was sitting in the audience seat, saying “Pretty person looks so beautiful from here”.

So Yoo-jin expressed her admiration for Uhm Jung-hwa after watching the concert, saying “Your name is written as Uhm Jung-hwa but read as Queen!! You’re very amazing and beautiful!! I cried so much. We really danced and enjoyed it together”. 

Shim Jin-hwa also left a review about Uhm Jung-hwa’s concert, saying “It was very cool, emotional and amazing. I.love.you.Uhm.Jung.Hwa. My heart raced every time you started singing… Can’t believe that I know all the songs… You’re such a well-loved star. Everyone loves you. Unnie!! Please do a concert every year”. In addition, Chun Woo-hee posted a photo certifying that she went to the concert with Im Hwa-young, and added the caption, “I had waited for 24 years”, adding “Don’t know how to express my feelings in words right now”.

Moreover, Uhm Jung-hwa’s start-studded guest lineup included “Dancing Queens on the Road” cast Kim Wan-sun, Lee Hyo-ri & Hwasa. Hyuna, who performed spectacular collaboration stages “Come 2 Me” and “Dreamer” with Uhm Jung-hwa on “Dancing Queens on the Road”, and Sandara Park, who recently made a comeback with a remake of Uhm Jung-hwa’s song “Festival”, also showed up at the concert. Singers who are close to Uhm Jung-hwa, such as Jinusean, Koyote’s Kim Jong-min, Jung Jae-hyung, Kim Ji-han, etc., also came to watch the concert.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung-hwa recently appeared on Jung Jae-hyun’s YouTube channel and shared, “When I decided to hold the concert, I thought more than half of the tickets would be sold on the first ticketing day, but it turned out to be very difficult to achieve that. I was a little upset so I called Jung Jae-hyung, Kim Young-chul and Yoo Jae-suk”. Eventually, the female singer successfully filled the venue with the strong support of her close friends and fans.

Starting with the Seoul shows on December 9th and 10th, Uhm Jung-hwa will continue holding her solo concert in Daegu on the 23rd and Busan on the 31st.

Source: Daum

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