54-Year-Old Uhm Jung-hwa Stuns in Bold Stage Outfits, Called “Korea’s Madonna”

Comedian Sim Jin-hwa was deeply moved by Uhm Jung-hwa’s concert 

On December 9th, Sim Jin-hwa expressed intense emotions, “It was the eternal return of our queen diva! It was so cool, moving, and gave me goosebumps. I love you, Uhm Jung-hwa. The start of every song can resonate with the heart like this. Everyone’s beloved star! Please do it every year.”

In the photos, Uhm Jung-hwa is showcasing her unique charm with a cyberpunk-inspired metallic look, wearing shorts and an off-shoulder top with gloves and long boots in a vivid silver material.

Netizens responded with various reactions like “Korea’s Madonna, Uhm Jung-hwa, the best”, “So cool”, “I want to go too,” and more.

Source: daum

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