Fans Angry Over Café Owner and Hotel Chefs in Vietnam Disrespecting Super Junior’s Siwon

Fans are lashing out at a café owner and hotel chefs in Vietnam due to their disrespectful behavior towards Super Junior

In the first incident, Super Junior’s Siwon recently visited Hanoi as a UNICEF ambassador, stopping by a famous local café for a drink. However, fans were taken aback when they discovered that the café owner had posted comments suggesting that even celebrities like Siwon should pay for their drinks rather than receiving them for free. 

Super Junior

Fans felt that the tone of the post was disrespectful as Siwon did not ask for free drinks, leading to a flurry of criticisms and even a boycott of the famous café by E.L.F, Super Junior’s fans. 

The café’s Facebook page then issued an apology, asserting that the owner’s post did not represent the café’s viewpoint. Nevertheless, the damage had been done, and Super Junior fans remained furious.

In a separate incident, following Super Junior’s successful Super Show 9 concert in Ho Chi Minh City, fans were disheartened to learn that the chefs at the hotel, where the group had stayed, had made negative comments about the members on Facebook. 

Super Junior concert vietnam

The chefs were involved in a disrespectful exchange, with one comment reading, “So these guys ate the food I cooked…” in a mocking tone. This behavior infuriated both Super Junior fans and K-pop fans in general. Many fans expressed that such unprofessional conduct had no place in the service industry.

Super Junior concert vietnam

In response to fans’ uproar, the hotel where Super Junior stayed acted swiftly. The hotel’s General Manager issued a public apology on their official Facebook page, acknowledging the incident and assuring that the staff member responsible for the comments had been fired. 

The General Manager made it clear that the staff’s actions did not represent the attitudes of the entire hotel staff of 200 employees. The two chefs also issued formal apologies on their personal Facebook.

Source: K14

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