So Ji-sub, who released a hip-hop album in the past, “I have quit hip-hop” 

“I have quit hip-hop.”

Actor So Ji-seop, who released a hip-hop album in the past, drew attention by declaring that he had cut his tie with hip-hop. 

So Ji-sub

This announcement came out at the online production presentation for MBC’s “Dr. Lawyer” on Jun 3rd. Actor Lim Soo-hyang, who plays the role of a prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office’s medical crime department, said, “I tried to pronounce everything correctly because I wanted to look professional as this is my first time playing this kind of role. However, So Ji-seop is a lawyer and doctor in the drama, but he doesn’t make any mistakes in his lines. I learned a lot from my seniors.” 

In response, So Ji-seop said, “I have quit hip-hop these days.” Hallyu star So Ji-seop is a famous hip-hop maniac in the entertainment industry. He has been releasing hip-hop albums every year since 2011. His last album is “Cola Bottle Baby” released in 2017. 


Meanwhile, So Ji-seop plays Han Yi-han, a former genius surgeon and a lawyer specializing in medical litigation, in the medical-legal drama “Doctor Lawyer.” The drama will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on Jun 3rd.

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