Uhm Jung-hwa Cries As She Sympathizes With A Girl Who Also Underwent Thyroid Cancer Surgery

Singer & actress Uhm Jung-hwa cheered for a girl who suffered the same pain of thyroid cancer

On November 24th, the YouTube channel “Dingo Story” uploaded a new video titled “What if a celebrity who overcame the same pain comforts me?”.

The main character in the video is a girl who was suddenly diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but fortunately, she is recovering after surgery. Uhm Jung-hwa, the celebrity who held a surprise event for the main character that day, is also known to have gone through thyroid cancer surgery in 2010. In particular, the actress even lost her voice for 8 months due to vocal cord paralysis.

Not realizing Uhm Jung-hwa’s appearance, the girl was very surprised when Uhm Jung-hwa approached her and she smiled happily. As the girl began crying, Uhm Jung-hwa gently asked, “It was tiring, wasn’t it? You did a great job”, then carefully patted her head. She added, “I know it very well. I think I’m about to cry, too”, and also shed tears. 

Uhm Jung-hwa expressed her deep sympathy, saying “After listening to your story, I immediately wanted to meet you. I understand your feelings more than anyone else”. She comforted the girl, saying “I was really scared, too. You were very lonely and scared, right? But the surgery was successful, wasn’t it?”. When the girl confessed that she lost her voice, Uhm Jung-hwa smiled and said, “It was scary, right? It was very scary. But you finally got your voice back. Wasn’t it precious?”.

Upon hearing the girl’s confession that her physical strength recovered very slowly, Uhm Jung-hwa then said, “I’m proud of you”. As the girl shed tears again, Uhm Jung-hwa shared, “I experienced that, too. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Like your entire body is soaked in salt?”, adding “That’s because your body is exhausted. Even though you couldn’t feel anything during the surgery, your body actually underwent tremendous stress. The body remembers it like a trauma. If you say, ‘you worked hard’, ‘you did well’ and ‘thank you’ to your body, it can result in a positive effect”.

Source: Naver

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