TXT’s Yeonjun Accused of Stealing Taemin’s “Guilty”, Netizens Show Mixed Reaction

On January 9, a topic titled “Is HYBE going too far, stealing Taemin’s ‘Guilty’ for Yeonjun?” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing over 80,000 views before being deleted. 

According to the author of the topic, after TXT’s Yeonjun covered Taemin’s “Guilty” at the 2024 GDA, fans of the former has been spamming comments like “Taemin, please give Yeonjun ‘Guilty’”, and comparing the original song with the cover. 


In addition, the hashtag “YeonTy” was used on TXT’s official account, leading to Taemin fans accusing HYBE of “acting like ‘Gulity’ was Yeonjun’s song’. 

Additionally, fans even made theories about how a past concept photo related to Yeonjun has allured to “Guilty”, including Taemin’s song into TXT’s worldview and further angering fans of Taemin. 

On the other hand, fans of TXT are arguing back through a topic titled “SHINee fans, this is a summary of what’s going on”, claiming that Yeonjun and HYBE probably already asked for Taemin’s permission to cover, and so there should be no issue. 


It is also revealed that the person who tried to include “Guilty” in TXT’s worldview has apologized.

According to them, since Yeonjun’s cover has gone viral, this will only make “Guilty” more popular and most people will know this is his song, so it is far from “stealing”. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I thought that Taemin fans were overreacting, but I understand why they are pissed off after reading the first post 
  • If MOAs (fans of TXT) see a junior idol cover their fav’s song and not mention TXT in their official account, even stealing the worldview of TXT, they would have lost it. And yet they are calling Taemin’s fans “sensitive”
  • Trying to link “Guilty” into Yeonjun’s worldview is going too far 
  • Yeonjun said he didn’t even drink water from the previous evening to cover the song properly. And right before the performance, he left a comment to MOA about how he was nervous. As soon as the awards ceremony was over, he  turned on the live with the members and said he  learned a lot from Taemin. I’ve been going around a lot on Weverse,Twitter, and YouTube, but I haven’t seen any comparative comments such as “Yeonjun did better than Taemin.”
  • Didn’t Yeonjun do a cover of Jungkook’s 3D just a earlier? Yet I don’t see any ARMY (fans of BTS) complaining
  • SHINee fans are actually scary

Source: Pann Nate, pannchoa

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