FNC Ent responded to AOA Hyejeong’s selfie with a strange man

FNC Entertainment issued a statement of clarification regarding the mysterious man in the AOA member’s recent SNS post.

On September 2, AOA Hyejeong made headlines for posting selcas with a mysterious man on Instagram. However, the female idol soon deleted these photos. 

Although she quickly deleted the photos, these images were still captured by netizens and spread widely on SNS, sparking a rumor that this man is her secret boyfriend. 

On the morning of September 3, FNC Ent officially responded to the AOA’s member’s photos. The statement is as follows:

“After confirming with Hyejeong, we have learned that the man in the photos is a close friend who used to study acting with Hyejeong since their high school days. They took some selcas as close friends, but after seeing the misunderstandings that the photos were causing, Hyejeong decided to delete them.”

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