Netizens willingly accept BLACKPINK Lisa’s rumored relationship for this one reason 

Lisa has been receiving much support since rumors of dating broke out. 

Recently, a clip supposedly of a date between BLACKPINK Lisa and the CEO of TAG Heuer Frédéric Arnault took over the Internet. In the clip, Lisa allegedly rested her head on Frédéric’s shoulder, drawing attention. 

While dating rumors are often met with criticism, Lisa is receiving positive responses from netizens because of her professionalism onstage. 

Always brings A-game to her performances 

BLACKPINK Lisa always keeps a professional attitude onstage in her 7 years of work with the YG girl group. She performs every performance as if it was her last. 

Lisa’s performance videos and fan cams have received millions of views on TikTok and YouTube. With her dancing skills, Lisa easily steals the spotlight with her enthusiasm while performing. 


Professionalism is always prioritized 

Due to a hectic schedule, BLACKPINK’s health is usually at an alarming state. During the “BORN PINK” World Tour, after the light had dimmed and the “MONEY” performance had been finished, the dancer fell on her knees due to exhaustion. The main dancer of BLACKPINK maintained her composure until the end so that she would not worry fans. 

Lisa’s two different “modes” when the light is on vs. when it is off 

In 2021, Lisa was a mentor for “Youth With You Season 3.” Due to an intense schedule, the “LALISA” singer was often tired and even collapsed on the floor while she was recording the theme song for the program. 

After the theme song “We Rock” was announced, Lisa admitted to feeling drained and nauseous during the shooting process. Behind-the-scenes footage showed Lisa lying down on the floor due to exhaustion. 

blackpink lisa

Willing to apologize to fans for her shortcomings  

At the end of 2022, Lisa posted a story with a message detailing her health condition at the time. She wanted to apologize to fans Barcelonian fans because her health did not permit her to do the pole dancing choreography during the “MONEY” and “LALISA” performances. 

blackpink lisa

The apology reads: 

To : Barcelona BLINKs,

First of all, thank you for coming tonight. I’m Sorry for worrying you guys with my neck strain… which is why I decided not to go do the pole dance section. I know our BLINKs might have been looking forward to seeing the pole dance portion. And I just want to let you guys know that I am now feeling much better thanks to all of my BLINKs!” 

lisa BLACKPINK Seoul concert
Lisa apologized for not being able to perform a pole dancing portion due to her health at the time 

How do K-netizens respond to dating rumors? 

While Korean netizens are often critical of idol dating, they are surprisingly welcoming to the news of Lisa dating. They believe the relationship is on a “global scale” partly because both of them are globally well-known figures. 

Moreover, because Lisa always brings out a perfect performance on stage and rarely makes a mistake, netizens believe she deserves a chance at happiness and wish her the best if the relationship turns out to be true.

Lisa appeared with Frédéric Arnault (in pink) at a restaurant, fueling dating rumors.
Lisa appeared with Frédéric Arnault (in pink) at a restaurant, fueling dating rumors.

 Several netizens commented, saying, “Dating partner is a top-notch chaebol. They are living in a different world,” “I hope they are having a beautiful relationship,” and “Dating in secret is going well. Lisa never has a misstep onstage even when she might be in a relationship. I hope she is happy.” 

Frédéric Arnault blackpink lisa thumbnail
BLACKPINK Lisa and Frédéric Arnault are rumored to be dating

Source: k14 

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