Fourth-generation idols who boast similar fashion styles to BLACKPINK Jisoo 

From magazine photoshoot to M/V filming, these idols show a strong resemblance in style to BLACKPINK Jisoo. 

In LE SSERAFIM’s “Burn the Bridge” trailer for their upcoming album “UNFORGIVEN”, Yunjin drew attention for appearing in an image that reminds the viewers of BLACKPINK Jisoo. 

Yunjin’s image in LE SSERAFIM’s trailer for “UNFORGIVEN”. 

Specifically, the idol appeared in a black dress with straight hair and a big ribbon behind her head. This image is said to resemble that of Jisoo in the “How You Like That” M/V, mostly, due to the ribbon. 

yunjin jisoo
The allegedly similar image between Yunjin and Jisoo in two different M/Vs. 

In the M/V for “SNEAKERS,” ITZY Lia had a scene where the idol posed and dressed as a Greek goddess. Most notably, the headpiece she wore is remarked to resemble the one Jisoo wore for BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” M/V. 

lia jisoo
The resemblance between Jisoo and Lia in their respective headpieces. 
Lia’s stage outfit was, sometimes, similar to that of Jisoo.

aespa Karina has, on many daily occasions, shown strong similarity to BLACKPINK Jisoo. Specifically, the Instagram photos Karina posted online bear strong resemblance to those of Jisoo, regarding composition and pose. 

Karina showed some similarity to Jisoo in checkered outfit. 
Karina struck similar poses as Jisoo in some of the idol’s released photos.  

Appearing on Harper’s Bazaar, NewJeans Minji chose a brown, knitted top and pleated skirt in brown. 

NewJeans Minji in an all-brown outfit. 

When fans take a look at Jisoo’s outfit for a photoshoot with Marie Claire in promotion for Dior Beauty, the two outfits were almost identical. However, the two idols brought different feels to the outfit. If Jisoo boasted an innocent charm, Minji added a strong personality to it. 

Jisoo in the all-brown outfit for a photoshoot with Marie Claire. 

Source: YAN News 

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