“The Deal” Director “Casting Yoo Seung-ho? I Wanted To See Him With Short Hair”

Director Lee Jung-gon of Wavve’s original drama “The Deal” revealed the reason for casting Yoo Seung-ho

At the press conference of “The Deal” held at Grand Josun Busan, Haeundae-gu, Busan on the morning of Oct 5th, director Lee Jung-gon explained why he cast Yoo Seung-ho, “I wanted to see Yoo Seung-ho with short hair. When Yoo Seung-ho had short hair, he looked really cool, so I wanted to show him with that hairstyle in my work.

yoo seung ho

Director Lee caused laughter as he emphasized, “Doesn’t he look great with short hair?

He continued, “There are both external and internal reasons. The character Jun-seong is a person who is greatly shaken by those around him. I thought he was a character with a strong sense of self even amidst such turmoil. Therefore, I hoped that an actor with a strong sense of self and upright values would take on the role of Jun-seong. So, I asked Yoo Seung-ho to take on the role and begged him to have short hair.

“The Deal” is about two young men who accidentally kidnap their friend and demand a ransom of 10 billion won. It will be unveiled on Wavve on Oct 6th.

Source: Daum

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