“As expected of a JYP rookie,” NMIXX directly explained the concept and worldview of their debut album “AD MARE”  

NMIXX steps into the ring as a rising star of “girl group master” JYP.   


NMIXX released its first single “AD MARE” on the 22nd of last month and debuted in the music industry but had to postpone its debut showcase schedule as members Bae and Kyu-jin were confirmed to have tested positive. As a result, the media showcase was inevitably postponed before the album was released, and the was pushed to after the release of its single album. NMIXX’s leader, Hae-won, said, “It’s our first time greeting you. We are very nervous as it’s our first start, but we’ll do our best. Please support and encourage us warmly,” she said.


Member Lily explained the name of their debut album “AD MARE” which means “to the sea” in Latin. “It is an album that marks the first start of us NMIXX’s journey to the ocean-like world,” she said. The debut song “O.O” (Oh) is a song introduced as the genre of “Mixx Pop,” which is newly introduced by NMIXX. The title represents exclamations and eyes that have grown big in surprise. Kyu-jin said, “It’s a genre that can be somewhat unfamiliar in Korea,” and Jinni said, “We have strong confidence to tell you to be prepared for a surprise of seeing something new. As the track has a unique title, the performance is also special,” she explained.


NMIXX‘s worldview was already revealed by the story trailer video released before its debut. Jinni explained, “The girls get a glimpse of an unknown world that seems to have broken the boundaries between the sea and the sky. It shows the meaning of us leaving together into a fantastic space where an infinite world, which has only been embraced by imagination and dreams, unfolds,” she said. Seol-yoon continued, “I hope everyone pay attention to how the girls will overcome their confusion and inner fears when faced between the unknown world and reality, and how they move forward after that.”

NMIXX will hold a fan showcase at Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, at 8 p.m. on the 1st and meet fans offline for the first time.

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