TWICE’s Mina is Told To Fix This “Bad Habit” by JYP Constantly?

A “bad habit” of TWICE’s Mina seems to be so noticeable that JYP told her to fix it constantly

It is known that whenever he watches TWICE’s concerts, the founder of JYP Entertainment, J. Y. Park (also known as JYP), would tell Mina to fix a “bad habit” of hers.

In fact, this habit of Mina is so well known, her members can instantly recognize it, as shown in a TWICE interview with Vanity Fair back in 2021. 

twice mina

Particular, when Mina was asked “What is your worst habit?”, TWICE members immediately knew what Mina was going to say. The answer turns out to be Mina’s “penguin walk”, where she walks with her feet facing outwards. 

According to Mina, JYP never fails to notice this “bad habit” of hers whenever he comes to TWICE concerts, and would tell her to fix the “penguin walk” every time without fail.

Meanwhile, Nayeon said she can see this habit well whenever Mina walks on stage and called it “cute”. Chaeyoung also mentioned that the habit is not something that can be fixed easily, so it’s normal that Mina can’t help it sometimes. 

Source: Koreaboo, Vanity Fair

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