Hyuna and Dawn quarreled and cried during a recording. What happened?

Singer Hyuna and Dawn are shown quarreling while filming a video, drawing the attention of fans.

It’s the video that was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Studio Lululala” on August 14.

Hyuna Edawn

The video was actually a preview of Hyuna and Dawn‘s reality program “I’m Fine Thank You, And You?”. The program is about showing every moment of the couple in their daily life.

Hyuna Edawn
Hyuna Edawn

They were bickering. Hyuna said bluntly, “Don’t pretend to be nice in front of the camera”. Dawn answered, “Because we are together, I have nothing to be afraid of”. Hyuna replied, “I’m scared of you the most.”

Netizens gave the couple explosive reactions. They commented, “Wow, I can’t wait to watch the reality show”, “So this is Hyuna and Dawn’s daily life”, “They look cute even when they bicker”, “You two are really a great couple”

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