Photo of “Single’s Inferno” Freezia clubbing at Burning Sun leaked ahead of her return from hiatus

After Freezia signaled that she would start being active again, a photo of her at the Burning Sun club surfaced. 

On June 6th, a post titled “Is this Freezia?” was posted on a Korean online community, attracting much attention. The photo shows YouTuber, influencer, and “Single’s Inferno” star Freezia (Song Ji A) in a sexy black minidress at a club. In particular, based on the logo seen in the photo, she was visiting the Burning Sun club. Freezia was also holding something that looked like a cigarette in her hand. 

song ji a

Earlier, on June 2nd, Freezia posted on her Instagram for the first time in five months, saying, “Thanks to your concern and support, I am doing well in good health. How are you all?”.

Earlier this year, Freezia appeared as a cast member on Netflix’s reality dating show “Single’s Inferno” and gained popularity as an icon of “Young and Rich”. She received admiration for constantly wearing and showing off clothes and items from luxury brands through her YouTube videos and Instagram. However, many of those were later found to be fakes. Faced with criticism, she shared a handwritten apology, took down all her posts, and announced to suspend her activities. 

During her hiatus, photos of Freezia doing volunteer work were posted and drew empathy from netizens. But now, attention is being paid to whether she will be able to return smoothly due to the leak of the Burning Sun photo.

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