TWICE building owner’s update… Netizens said, “You have only one left”

Owner of TWICE-themed multiplex created laughter with the post of their buildings. 

On the 18th, an article titled “TWICE building owner’s update” was posted on an online community.

The posted article contains photos of buildings named after TWICE members such as “Nayeon House”, “Jihyo House”, and “Chaeyoung House”.


The author then made Internet users laugh with the comment,Tzuyu is left alone”. 

Internet users who saw this showed various reactions, including “I’m cheering for no reason”, “I’m a fan” and “Eighth building is amazing”.

On the other hand, the house based on Dahyun was named “Dahyun Ville” rather than “Dahyun House” like the others, raising questions.


According to a post written in 2021, eight buildings have already been completed.

Internet users are following the news to see when the remaining one will be completed.

Source: nate

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