“33-year-old” Han Sun-hwa: “People around me get married a lot… Now I want to get married too”

Actress Han Sun-hwa expressed her desire to get married.

Work Later, Hike Now

On tvN’s “Work Later, Hike Now” which aired on Feb 18th, Han Sun-hwa, Jung Eun-ji, Lee Sun-bin and Choi Si-won talked about marriage.

Han Sun-hwa asked Choi Si-won, “When are you going to set me up on a blind date?” It is said that someone recently asked Choi Si-won to introduce Han Sun-hwa.

In response, Choi Si-won explained the situation at the time, “There’s someone around me who likes you. He said that he really likes a style like Sun-hwa. I said I would ask her once, but actually I thought she was not very interested.”

Upon hearing Choi Si-won‘s words, Han Sun-hwa replied, “I’m 33 years old. I should get married now.”

Lee Sun-bin also lightly blamed Choi Si-won for not arranging a blind date, “Oppa, you should have taken care of it.”

Han Sun-hwa made everyone burst into laughter by saying, “I prefer meeting naturally. I talked like that (about blind dates) but from deep inside, I thought to myself when he would introduce someone to me.”

Choi Si-won promised Han Sun-hwa‘s blind date and asked about the pressure of marriage in their 30s, “Aren’t there many married friends around you?”

Han Sun-hwa confessed, “The number of married friends has improved significantly. In fact, I was 32 during the break before filming ‘Work Later, Drink Now’. At that time, all my friends around me got married, so the change immediately came to me.”

Then she added, “I used to think I just had to work and live happily, but the change made me have a lot of worries like ‘Should I start a family? Should I get married soon?'”

Choi Si-won encouraged Han Sun-hwa, “I think Sun-hwa will do well if she gets married.” Han Sun-hwa drew laughter by saying, “I will only see my husband when I get married.”

Work Later, Hike Now
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