“Try it before dating”, BIBI’s no take-back remarked that had Shin Dong Yup bewildered

Singer BIBI surprised comedian Shin Dong Yup with her 18-rated talk.

In the highlight video of TVING’s talk show “Witch Hunt 2022” (literal translation), which was published on the platform’s official YouTuber channel on August 3rd, Shin Dong Yup asked BIBI about the first time lovers make love.


To this, BIBI replied: “I can’t represent everyone in their 20s, but they are often divided into 2 groups, either they do it right away or before they start dating.”

Hearing this, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Eana, and Code Kunst also expressed their surprise, saying “It’s amazing”. 


BIBI then continued: “But this kind of meeting is pretty arrogant. I am looking for a relationship that continues after we sleep with each other.”

BIBI also discussed the clubbing culture in Seoul, saying: “The clubs in Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam have different characteristics. In Itaewon, people in their mid-20s come to enjoy some music, Gangnam feels like where good-looking men and good-looking women come to have a relationship, and Hongdae feels like people who are partying in their 20s for the first time.”

Source: Wikitree

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