The 33rd Seoul Music Awards Backstage: Flower-Filled Waiting Rooms, RIIZE’s Ramen Love, and More 

K-pop stars gathered in Bangkok, Thailand on January 2nd for the 33rd Seoul Music Awards. Behind the scenes, they engaged in activities such as filming TikTok challenges. Sports Seoul reporters on-site at Rajamangala Stadium captured and shared behind-the-scenes stories of these K-pop stars.

Lee Seung Gi’s waiting room transformed into a flower garden, Lee Joon Gi’s sincere fan service

The news of MC Lee Seung Gi and presenter Lee Joon Gi attending the Seoul Music Awards in Thailand excited Bangkok. Lee Seung Gi’s waiting room at Rajamangala Stadium turned into a flower garden. 

Local fans, upon hearing about Lee Seung Gi’s attendance, sent huge flower baskets, making his waiting room the most splendid among all. Lee Seung Gi expressed gratitude, “Whenever I visit Thailand, fans always warmly send their love, and I’m nothing but thankful.” 

Lee Seung Gi, with his excellent hosting skills, satisfied fans to the fullest. After the event, he greeted fans gathered in front of the stage until the very end.

Upon the news of the visit by actor Lee Joon Gi, local fans were treated to various heart gestures, including big hearts, small hearts, and hand hearts. Lee Joon Gi’s passionate fans went beyond that, even playing drums outside his hotel, demonstrating their enthusiastic support for their beloved star.


RIIZE Sohee’s Ramen Love

After an energetic performance, dripping with sweat, RIIZE appeared showered but still looked cute. After expressing gratitude and promising to repay fans with even more fantastic performances, Sohee, at the moment of leaving, noticed the cup ramen arranged as an alternative dinner by the editorial team. 

Quickly catching on, reporters handed him the cup ramen, and Sohee, thanking them, bowed 90 degrees before leaving. Sohee enjoyed the cup ramen more than ever.

Dynamic Duo

SMA Personality Award Park Shin Hye, Cuteness Award Bambam, “Greeting King” is N.SSign

Although a ceremony where numerous stars gather, the ‘Personality Award’ unanimously chosen by reporters went to presenter Park Shin Hye. Starting as a child actor, she became the first top star actress in Hallyu, yet her consideration for others stood out. 

The ‘Cuteness Award’ went to MC Bambam. Despite jokingly expressing doubt about his ability since his days with GOT7, he showcased smooth hosting skills. 

The ‘Greeting King’ was awarded to boy group N.SSign. Among the groups present, they gained the most attention with their official greeting thanks to their loud and powerful voice backstage and in the waiting room. 

Source: daum

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