A globally famous K-pop boy group is compared to BTS, how are their skills?

This group comes from a company that is not even in the Big 4 entertainment agencies and is considered another version of BTS.

In terms of the explosive popularity abroad, BTS is definitely the most successful K-pop group in recent years. Besides, another boy group that also has an impressive foreign fan base but is not really known by many Korean netizens is ATEEZ.

ATEEZ‘s overseas popularity surprised Korean netizens through photos of their concerts. The audience filled the giant stadium in Newark (19,000 seats) and Los Angeles (17,000 seats). ATEEZ had a world tour in a series of big cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. and the tickets were all sold out in just a few minutes.

The audience filled the stadium where ATEEZ's concert took place
The audience filled the stadium where ATEEZ’s concert took place

Korean netizens also acknowledge the success of ATEEZ in the foreign market and the quality of their concerts:

  • ATEEZ’s concerts are really worth the money. They sing live well and look a hundred times more handsome in real life. They are a feast to the eyes and the ears. You guys really need to listen to ATEEZ sing live once…
  • ATEEZ’s concerts are the best
  • ATEEZ is successful thanks to their music
  • If you think about it the other way around, having a lot of international fans helps spread awareness about K-pop, but having a fandom this large from a small-medium sized company is impressive. They are idols that will get recognized everywhere they go. Their Korean fandom is also growing and will surely expand even more. Here’s their 2019 concert compared to 2022.
Photos of ATEEZ’s concert in 2019 compared to 2022
Photos of ATEEZ’s concert in 2019 compared to 2022

ATEEZ was launched by KQ Entertainment. The group is known for their quality songs and eye-catching performances. Some of their most well-known tracks are: Answer, Wonderland, Deja Vu, Say My Name, Inception, Wonderland… In particular, ATEEZ‘s live singing skills are highly appreciated even though their songs all have difficult choreography.  

ATEEZ performed UTOPIA at their concert
ATEEZ has impressive performance skills
ATEEZ has impressive performance skills
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