Netizens left speechless by the visual party at Burberry show with Jeon Ji Hyun, Tang Wei, and more

The beauty of Asian celebrities through the phone camera lens at the Burberry event received much praise

On February 20, Burberry’s show at the London Fashion Week officially kicked off, bringing together a plethora of stars such as Jeon Ji Hyun, Tang Wei, Jung Yoo Mi, Son Heung Min, Bright… The notable presence of Asian stars created unparalleled visual combinations.

Alongside the high-definition photos, a series of videos, and phone camera snapshots, their images also became the talk of the town on social media. Notably, Jeon Ji Hyun and Tang Wei made an impression with their radiant visuals from every angle through the reporter’s lens, while the strikingly handsome Thai actor Bright got mistaken for actor Lee Dong Wook. Both of them shared similar facial features when seen from certain angles.

Jeon Ji Hyun-tang wei

The reunion of Jeon Ji Hyun and Tang Wei sparked a social media frenzy with their shared moments. They affectionately walked arm in arm, snapped cheerful selfies, and engaged in lively conversations. Sitting beside Jeon Ji Hyun, Tang Wei continuously praised the younger actress’s beauty.

Despite being over 40, Tang Wei and Jeon Ji Hyun still exuded remarkable beauty and charisma. Their beauty stood evenly matched when seated together. Their youthful appearances and glowing visuals, coupled with flawless skin devoid of wrinkles even under the phone camera or direct flashes at events, earned them countless praises.

Jeon Ji Hyun-tang wei
Jeon Ji Hyun and Tang Wei captured through the lens of Getty Images.
With perfect facial features and impeccable makeup, the photographers at Getty Images couldn’t cover up the beauty of Jeon Ji Hyun and Tang Wei, no matter how skilled they were.
A frame featuring Jeon Ji Hyun, Tang Wei, and Bright. Bright eagerly requested to take photos with the two beauties from China and Korea. At the event, the Thai heartthrob captivated with his striking appearance, sharp jawline, and high nose.

From the captured images at the event, it seems that there’s no age disparity between Jeon Ji Hyun, Tang Wei, and Bright.


At first glance, many mistook Bright for Lee Dong Wook. Both Bright and Lee Dong Wook share similar facial features when seen from certain angles. Especially when both sport bangs covering their foreheads, Bright’s appearance resembles Lee Dong Wook even more.

tang wei
Besides Jeon Ji Hyun, Tang Wei also had the opportunity to meet actress Jung Yu Mi at the event.

Standing next to her colleague who is over 4 years older, Tang Wei remains stunningly beautiful

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