Son Heung-min Appears At Fashion Show With Finger Protector & Reunites With Jeon Ji-hyun

Amid his ongoing conflict with Lee Kang-in, Son Heung-min attended a fashion show with a finger protector

On February 20th, fashion magazine W Korea revealed the appearance of Son Heung-min and Jun Ji-hyun at a recent fashion show with the caption, “A monumental meeting between Son Heung-min and Jun Ji-hyun once again”.

The picture shows Son Heung-min attending the fashion show in an all-black style. Jeon Ji-hyun also showed off her sophisticated beauty in a white blouse and a skirt. Having met at several fashion shows before, the two talked in a friendly atmosphere. He responded to Jeon Ji-hyun, saying “Oh really, thank you so much”.

In particular, public attention was focused on Son Heung-min’s finger protector. The footballer is facing a controversy over his conflict with Lee Kang-in, another national team player. It is known that their conflict occurred before the Asian Cup semifinal match in which Korea lost to Jordan.

After having a finger injury due to their fight, Son Heung-min continued joining the Asian Cup match with a finger protector. Even at the fashion show, he caught the eyes of netizens by appearing with a finger protector again.

son heung-min jeon ji-hyun

Meanwhile, in a recent interview on Tottenham Hotspur’s channel, Son Heung-min shared, “It was a tough week, but everyone, including the players, fans, staff, and coaches, cheered me up so I was able to return as the positive Sonny”.

Regarding his conflict with Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in’s side denied the allegations, saying “When article about Son Heung-min grabbing Lee Kang-in’s neck and Lee Kang-in punching Son Heung-min in the face was not true. When Lee Kang-in played table tennis, some senior players were playing with him. They had always played table tennis since before”.

Source: Daum

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