Before Jang Won Young and Jennie, this is the female idol who’s “top class” with their beauty and body 

The female idol who captured the hearts of male fans with beauty and body before the rise of Kpop 3rd and 4th generation is ….

Female idols with both visuals and physiques are gradually popping up, with IVE Jang Won Young and BLACKPINK Jennie being the prime example. 

As generations change, several girl group members are often mentioned as “hot” members, but until just 5 or 6 years ago, one person was the go-to mention when it comes to having both visuals and body.

And the main character is none other than AOA Seolhyun.

Seolhyun, who made her debut in the music industry as a member of AOA, is currently active as an actress. She recently showed off her lovely charm in the tvN drama “Murderer’s Shopping List”, and is scheduled to return with the ENA drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” (literal translation) in the second half of this year.


Seolhyun, who is well-received for her acting skills, is also praised for being a “top-class” girl group member for her looks and body.

Her smooth legs, overwhelming volume, and versatile visual shook the hearts of many male fans. 

aoa seohyun

As a result, many people leave comments like, “These days, Jang Won Young and Jennie cover the headlines, but before that, there was Seolhyun”. Some others also express regrets, saying, “It’s too bad that Seolhyun’s popularity declined after her dating scandal”, and “She gave up her place to golden juniors.”

Meanwhile, Seolhyun is releasing daily photos through her Instagram. In the photo, the idol-actress still easily draws eyes by showing off her perfect legs that can’t even be found in anyone else.

In addition, Seolhyun is making fans flutter by boasting a visual that fully reveals her charm despite little ornaments and makeup.

Source: insight

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