IU picked Changmin as the worst 2AM member to go on a date with

The full story behind what IU said has surprised her fans.

On the November 4 episode of the show “IU’s Palette” featuring 2AM members, IU explained why Changmin would be the person that would get tired of dating the most. IU’s confession surprised everyone with a cute reason.


Back in the program Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate aired in 2010, IU appeared as a guest alongside 2AM and was asked, “Who would be the worst person if you had to date one of them?“. Immediately, she chose Changmin.

Recently, IU revealed the reason why she picked Changmin. She said,”I said that he is a fun person, but he also talks a lot. Not that he makes me tired because he’s too talkative. He says what is necessary and in the right place“.

IU AM youtube gif

Changmin was then taken aback because didn’t even remember this story. He joked, “IU, you brought up something I don’t even remember and hurt me.

IU AM youtube gif
IU AM youtube gif

After that, IU tried to make Changmin feel better by saying, “I think Changmin is the funniest person I’ve ever met” and made the 2AM members laugh.

iu am youtube

2AM and IU are known to be extremely close. IU recalled different memories between her and the 2AM members such as having hosted Inkigayo with Jo Kwon for over a year, eating together every Sunday, and collaborating with Seulong on the hit “Nagging”. 

iu seulong
iu seulong

2AM recently made a comeback with their first album after 7 years called “Ballad 21 F/W”. The album includes 2 title tracks “Should’ve Known” and “No Good In Good-bye”.  Both MVs star 2PM’s Lee Junho and actress Kim So Hyun.

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