Who gives viewers goosebumps as North Korean defector Gye Hyang-shim in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”? Kim Hieora

Actress Kim Hieora, who plays North Korean defector defendant Gye Hyang-shim in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, fascinated viewers with her presence that filled the small screen.

Episode 6 on July 14th depicted the sad story of North Korean defector Gye Hyang-shim (Kim Hieora), who is tried for robbery and injury, having to part with her daughter Ha-yoon, as well as the struggle to protect Gye Hyang-shim’s devoted motherhood of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) and Choi Soo-yeon (Ha Yoon-kyung), who were put into a public interest case.

Kim Hi-ra

Like Woo Young-woo, who recalled the sacrifice of the mother whale while seeing Gye Hyang-shim’s motherhood, the great mother Gye Hyang-shim, who endured a long time to find her daughter, was enough to drive the small screen into a touching emotion. Woo Young-woo and Choi Soo-yeon’s combination play for Gye Hyang-shim also added warmth.

Kim Hi-ra

Kim Hieora, who transformed into a North Korean defector and showed perfect North Korean dialect and delicate emotional acting, dyed the small screen desperately. From the fiery aspect of a victim to the image of a mother who endured everything, she aroused admiration from viewers by digesting the conflict in the trial process with delicate acting.

Kim Hieora impressed viewers as a remarkable rookie through her intense femme fatale performance in the musical “Fan Letter”. Since then, she has been attracting attention with various variations on stage and the television screen such as musicals “Evil Dead”, “The Moon and Sixpence”, “Marie Curie”, “Bernarda Alba”, “Yujin and Yujin” and dramas “Beyond Evil”, “Hospital Playlist 2”, “Bad and Crazy”.

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora is preparing to meet viewers by announcing the casting news in KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “True Sword Battle” (directed by Kim Sung-ho/written by Im Young-bin/produced by Neo Entertainment, Vlad Studio), which is scheduled to air this year.

Source: Daum

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