“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Ha Yoon Kyung appeared in shockingly sexy pictorial

Actress Ha Yoon Kyung, who plays “Spring Sunshine” Choi Soo Yeon in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, draws attention with her bold photoshoot

On August 25th, actress Ha Yoon Kyung posted several photos taken at the set of her pictorial with the caption “Behind the scenes pictorial” on Instagram.

In the photo, Ha Yoon Kyung showed off her sexy charm in a revealing dress that showed off her bare back. Her wet hair also added to the allure, giving off a completely different image from her role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Netizens who saw the photo showed various reactions such as “So pretty”, “Beautiful”, “I want to hide you because you are so beautiful”.

On the same day, Ha Yoon Kyung posted a pictorial photo of herself in a crop top, to which actor Kang Ki Young commented: “My Lady”. 

Meanwhile, actress Joo Hyun Young commented on yet another photo that showed Ha Yoon Kyung’s mature charm, saying: “I’m dying”. 

Ha Yoon Kyung assumed the role of lawyer Choi Soo Yeon in the recently-concluded K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. The actress gained ample love through her character, who is nicknamed “Spring Sunshine” due to the way she warmly treated her autistic classmate and lawyer Woo Young Woo. 

Source: wikitree

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